Research Assistants

Brittany Dennett (

IMG_20180409_091845Brittany Dennett is a fourth year Psychology student at Simon Fraser University. Her directed studies research with Dr. Yuthika Girme focuses on singlehood and how it affects people’s perception of the self and others.  Brittany is also also interested in Close Relationship interactions, and she is a Research Assistant in the Intergroup Relations and Social Justice Lab led by Dr. Stephen Wright.


Carissa Konesky (

Carissa Konesky

I began helping out in the lab after learning about the opportunity to be involved with the Making Ends Meet Poverty Simulation. I am currently completing my undergraduate degree with a Joint Major in Psychology and Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies. I am especially interested in learning about social psychology and systems of privilege, which I feel will help me immensely with my future career goal of working in the nonprofit sector. Outside of school, I volunteer with a variety of organizations and sit on a provincial committee for Girl Guides of Canada

Jasmine Malcolm (



Hello! I’m currently pursuing a psychology major interested particularly in the developmental and social areas, while double minoring in Counselling & Human Development and Learning Disabilities. Volunteering for this lab has given me immense experience in conducting research, and I look forward to assisting with future projects in order to learn more while progressing also psychological research. Aside from school, my hobbies include photography & videography, travelling and music!


Jonathan Mendel (

Jonathan Mendel

I am currently completing an honours degree with Dr. Stephen Wright and his Making Ends Meet Poverty Simulator study. I am working closely with Odilia Dys-Steenberger to help facilitate the poverty simulation with the goal of eventually bringing the simulation into the community at large. In addition to this, I recently became an editor for the SFU Undergraduate Journal of Psychology. The poverty simulation project is very important to me as I have volunteered extensively in the Downtown East Side and am motivated to challenge many of the negative stereotypes and attributions associated with impoverished people in Vancouver. My research interests include dehumanization, both in the socio-economic and healthcare contexts, as well as reciprocal dehumanization. My goal is to continue my inter group-relations research through graduate school ultimately obtaining a graduate degree in social psychology.

Katia Siamer (

Katia Siamer

My name is Katia and I have had the honor to be part of the organizing committee for the poverty simulation, in 2018. I enjoy very much my time at the lab and hope to gain more experience in the world of research, as I aspire to contribute and work with vulnerable populations in the future.

Kristen Stowe (

kristenphoto.jpegHello, my name is Kristen Stowe and I am from Phoenix, Arizona. I am in my last year of my bachelor program at SFU and will be completing a degree  in psychology with a minor in human development and counselling. I wish to continue my education to pursue a MA in counselling and eventually become a school counselor. I also wish to do research on educational programs for youth that help with transition phases. As a volunteer mentor and softball coach I have found that community holds an important role in the development of youth and a feeling of belonging. I wish to to further understand what types of programs can be implemented in schools to create a strong sense of community


Paula Correa (

Paula Correa

Paula is a volunteer research assistant at the IRSJ lab who helped out for the Making Ends Meet poverty simulation as a service provider. She hopes to become a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) someday. She also enjoys working with children, being a huge foodie and (loudly) singing show tunes from various musicals.


Phoebe Tantia (

Phoebe TantiaHi, my name is Phoebe Tantia. I am finishing my undergraduate degree on Psychology and Education on August 2018. I am planning to continue my academic carrier by pursuing my master’s degree on applied Psychology. I really enjoy travelling and trying new foods or cuisines from different cultures. I work as a research assistant in the IRSJ lab, focusing primarily on the poverty simulation project.


Rebecca Vattathichirayil (

Rebecca VattathichirayilHello! my name is Rebecca Vattathichirayil and I am a health sciences student at Simon Fraser University. I am a currently a research assistant for the Making Ends Meet project, assisting with the poverty simulations.




 Sabrina Bhagat (

Sabrina Bhagat

I recently completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with concentration in Social Behavioural Science, here at SFU. My research interests include the intersections between mental health, interpersonal relationships and social identity. I plan to pursue a MA (and PhD) in Counselling Psychology in the near future!


Solomon Etuk (

Solomon Etuk



I am a music nerd and Psychology major.



Valerie Malla (

Valerie Malla

Valerie Malla is a Research Assistant within the SISC Lab.
Valerie enjoys contributing her time towards projects that facilitate greater awareness of poverty and its effects throughout societies, as well as gaining ground in these areas.  In her spare time, Valerie facilitates philosophy & psychology workshops for marginalized populations under The Philosopher’s Stone Cafe inner-city project.