Research Assistants

Jessica Friesen

Mai Baptiste

Aileen Huang

Humans have always been fascinating to me. It is this same curiosity that has lead me to the Interpersonal Relations and Social Justice lab as a research assistant. As an undergraduate psychology student, it has been a pleasure to work along others who are also interested in how people think, act and behave in different situations. Beyond working as a research assistant, I am a peer-support worker for at-risk youth, and volunteer for those in crisis. I believe in bridging the gaps between people, and ensuring that everyone has equal opportunity to excel their life. Eventually, I hope to pursue graduate school and achieve my goal of becoming a clinical psychologist for all age groups. In the meantime, I hope to further my understanding of people, and build on my psychology knowledge through research.

Veronica Wong

I am currently an undergraduate student studying psychology with a focus in counseling. I started volunteering for the lab to learn more about social psychology, especially the phenomena that can be found in everyday life. I am interested in group processes and attribution theories. I wanted to volunteer for this lab as a stepping stone for future lab experiences and to build on my knowledge of intergroup relations. In the future, I plan to continue studying psychology in graduate school. I spend my time outside of school volunteering as a youth leader in Scouts as well as volunteering for a variety of events at SFU.

Maegan Fox

I’m an undergrad student studying psychology with a focus on clinical counselling and clinical research. My areas of interest include harmful stigmas towards people with mental illness and/or people who use drugs, the added stigma of being a mother and having an addiction, how people perceive gender based violence and the differences in gender influence behaviour and reactions to rehabilitative practices in correctional settings. My goal is to pursue graduate school after my bachelors is complete. I spend my free time working as a Peer Support Worker and First Responder in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside Community, directly supporting and resuscitating people who have been subject to trauma and social injustice. The career I’ve developed alongside my education has had a huge influence on the areas that I want to study so that I can hopefully influence policy changes that benefit my clients in the future. 

Ying Tian

I am an undergraduate student at SFU, majoring in psychology. I have always been fascinated by psychological techniques that help people live better lives. Studying psychology here has allowed me to become more aware and informed about people’s daily mental health status and behavioral implications. My areas of interest include counselling/clinical on adolescent stress, differences in group status between societies, etc. Volunteering in this lab has helped me gain a deeper understanding of intergroup relations and allowed me to practice the psychological theories I have learned from my courses. My future goal is to apply to graduate school in psychology and continue to conduct psychological research. I interned in Human Resources Management while I was off-campus, and it was exciting to observe people in different positions and learn about the differences in people’s personalities on a daily basis, which made me pay more attention to how people’s social status affects their psychology and behavior.