Honours Students

Mckenzie Bahrami


Starting in the IRSJ lab in 2018, my research interests surround intergroup helping and its role in decreasing or reinforcing systemic inequalities. Through my work with Dr. Stephen Wright and the Making Ends Meet Poverty Simulation, I explored how participant perceptions of competence towards those in poverty impact the type of help they endorse. Currently, I am pursuing an honours degree under the supervision of Dr. Stephen Wright and PhD student Priscilla Shum. This research examines the role of collaboration in cross-group interactions. My goal is to continue research on intergroup helping through future graduate degrees in counselling psychology, considering the therapeutic relationship through a social justice lens

Nathalia Lee

Nathalia LeeMy honours project looks at allyship, particularly from the view point of marginalized groups. Although the term “ally” is commonly used, there is no one definition or conceptualization of what it is. As such, my study hopes to gain insight into allies and their role in social justice in a way that is informed by the people and communities they wish to support. 

Spencer ChenSpencer Chen